posps specification ChangeLog


1.1.0-SNAPSHOTdaily snapshotcurrent development snapshot
1.0.1-SNAPSHOTdaily snapshotcurrent development snapshot
0.9.0-SNAPSHOTdaily snapshotold development snapshot
0.12007-01-24Initial release

Release 1.2.0 - 2012-08-22

updateChanged validation check for type PZN to support PZN8mwirtz-rowa

Release 1.1.0 - 2010-04-01

Keine Änderungen für dieses Release.

Release 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT - daily snapshot

updateAdded element kinderrezept in PrescriptionDEmwirtz-rowa
updateAdded optional element positionId in AddPositionDatamwirtz-rowa

Release 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT - daily snapshot

updateAdded element saleId in orderArticlesmwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element positionId in OrderArticlemwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element saleId in orderArticlesResponsemwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element positionId in OrderStatusArticlemwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element pickupId in orderPickupOrdermwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element pickupId in orderPickupOrderResponsemwirtz-rowa
updateAdded element trackingId in trackOrderResponsemwirtz-rowa
updateReplaced choise between orderId and saleId in with new element trackingId in trackOrder. TrackingId includes a choise between orderId and saleId.mwirtz-rowa
updateRemoved element timeout in orderArticles.mwirtz-rowa
updateRemoved element timeout in orderPickupOrder.mwirtz-rowa
updateRemoved element timeout in trackOrder.mwirtz-rowa
updateReplaced element orderId with a choise between orderId and saleId in trackOrder.mwirtz-rowa
updateRenamed element trackOrderResponse in orderArticleResponse to element articles.mwirtz-rowa
updateRenamed element trackOrderResponse in orderPickupOrderResponse to element articles.mwirtz-rowa
updateChanged precondition(documentation) for support of the OrderPort.mwirtz-rowa
updateChanged the amount of article in OrderArticleList from 1 to minimum 1 and maximum unbounded.mwirtz-rowa

Release 1.0.0 - 2009-05-07

Keine Änderungen für dieses Release.

Release 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT - daily snapshot

updateChanged the type Institutionskennzeichen to also allow 7-digit health insurance numbers which are the same as the 9-digit Institutionskennzeichen without the leading "10" institution classification.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the type of PatientDE.krankenkasseCode and PersonConditionDE.krankenkasseCode from xsd:string to pptype:Institionskennzeichen to better define the expected content.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved element prescriptionId of EditPositionData. It was not easily possible to distinguish whether the prescriptionId was to be deleted in the created code. To change the prescription status of a position, delete it and create a new position with the same data.mkoch-rowa
updatelastName of PersonData and several elements of PatientDE are now optional instead of mandatory.mkoch-rowa
addRemoved the mixed attribute of FixedWidthPrintMarkup and added a choice for normal unformatted text. XSD code generators (e. g. wsdl.exe) don't handle mixed context well, generating and processing receipts was therefore problematic.mkoch-rowa
addAdded operations addSaleCharge and deleteSaleCharge which the client can call to modify charges of the sale. This is especially important for toggling a night duty charge by the pharmacist, since this charge can usually not be determined automatically by the server. It can also be used for charges like shipping fees, redeeming vouchers and others.mkoch-rowa
updatecreateSaleReceipt and createPickupReceipt now return a list of (at least one) receipts.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved unneccessary element "rabattvertrag" from PharmaceuticArticleDE.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the handling of person IDs in search results and sales. The PersonId is now exclusively used for the ID which is generated by the server when a person is added to the sale. Person searches now return the (optional) global ID of the person in the server database in the subelement personGUID of PersonData instead of using a personId element.mkoch-rowa
updateAppended "Port" to port and binding names to avoid a name between the sale/pickup port and type names. This lead to problems when generating .NET client code.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged article search criteria. The description search criterion has been replaced by the elements name and manufacturer.mkoch-rowa
updateExtended person search criteria. It is now possible to search by first name, last name, date of birth and German health insurance number. The criterion description has been removed.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded direction attribute to PersonOrder.lastName and added PersonOrder.firstName.mkoch-rowa
addAdded type ArticleOrderDE with element abdaSortierbegriff for ordering article search results according to the ABDA Artikelstamm database.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element indicationOfUse to PositionData, AddPositionData and EditPositionData.mkoch-rowa
updateMade element PositionData.pharmaceutic optional to support articles which are not pharmaceutic items.mkoch-rowa
updateThe element AddressDE.postcode is now nillable in order to support unknown postcodes.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved nillable attribute from optional elements. Elements with possibly unknown values are now either optional or nillable, but not both.mkoch-rowa
addAdded ABDA retail price element to PharmaceuticPositionDE which contains the price of the article according to the ABDA Artikelstamm database.mkoch-rowa
addAdded search conditions for pharmacy-only and prescription-only articles to ArticleConditionDE.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged multiplicity of ArticleSearchResultElement.pharmaceutic.countrySpecific from an arbitrary number of occurrences to at most once.mkoch-rowa
updateDeleted ArticleSearchResult.storage, which was deemed unneccessary.mkoch-rowa
updateDeleted ArticleCondition.inInventory, which was deemed unneccessary.mkoch-rowa
addAdded Java JAXB annotation to PrintMarkup so that generated Java code handles this type as DOM node. This does not affect code generated for other languages and bindings.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved "SOAP" from binding names. This is done because for wsdl.exe to work correctly port names and binding names have to be the same.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved the posps-print XML Schema and moved the types to posps.xsd. Since there is no Print port, the types should not have their own schema.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged all operations to return an element with name ...Response. This is neccessary since the code generated by wsdl.exe does not work if several operations return elements with the same name.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved elements sale, saleId, pickup, pickupId and empty from posps.xsd which were not used in the interface definition.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged all part names to "parameters". This is a hint to Microsofts wsdl.exe to use the wrapped parameter style (see http://blogs.msdn.com/beatsch/archive/2004/02/24/79265.aspx).mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the definition of packaging to be more free-form (use tokens instead of number and enumeration).mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the way an operator (the pharmacist who serves the customer) are handled. Operators are no more of type Person, but their own datatype. Operators are now not maintained by the server any more, but by the client. The server is merely informed if the client sets an operator. See the WSDL documentation for details.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the definition of operation setSaleCustomer. If the person set is not already part of the sale, the server will automatically add it.mkoch-rowa
updateRenamed patient, physician and customer to patientId, physicianId and customerId to hint at their data type (PersonId). Also renamed setSaleCustomer.personId to customerId to hint at its usage.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded element arzneimittel to PharmaceuticArticleDE.mkoch-rowa
updateFixed definition of ArticleSearchPatternCountrySpecific and ArticleSearchOrderCountrySpecific, which didn't work due to a misunderstanding how XML schema inheritance works.mkoch-rowa
updateRenamed PersonData.company to organization since this name is more general.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged definition of output elements of the operations readyForSale, readyForPickup and acceptsOrders for improved compatibility with the wrapped document/literal convention. The return type is still boolean.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged name of Position type to PositionData and PositionServerData to Position. A Position now contains the positionId and positionData. The same changes has been made to Prescription, Person and Note.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged position element names price to articlePrice and total to positionPrice.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged version numbering scheme from 0.9-SNAPSHOT to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged handling of payment by the confirm/cancel...Payment operations. The possibility to cancel payments via a separate operation has been removed. confirmSalePayment now directly tells whether the payment has been canceled.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged the posId elements from optional to mandatory. If the server doesn't need a posId, it can simply igore the content.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded TooManySearchesFault to Search operations and documented the requirement that several parallel searches must be supported.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded operation confirmSaleDelivery which the pos calls to confirm that the customer has received his articles. This replaces the setting of the delivered element by calling editSalePosition.mkoch-rowa
updateMade the total element of Sale mandatory. A Sale with no positions has a total element with amount 0.mkoch-rowa
updateMade the VAT element of total optional.mkoch-rowa
updateSale and Pickup operations which modify the data model now return the whole data model instead of only the changes.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded operation confirmPickupDelivery which the pos calls to confirm that the customer has received his articles.mkoch-rowa
updateMoved trackOrderResponse from posps.xsd to its correct location posps-order.xsd.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded element packaging to Position type. The anonymous custom type of the element packaging of ArticleSearchResultElement has been converted to the top-level type Packaging and used as the type of both elements.mkoch-rowa
updateThe operation setPickupCode now uses faults to signal unknown pickup codes and authentication failures.mkoch-rowa
updateMade pickupStatus and pickupOrderId of element pickup optional.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element kontoinhaber to BankDE.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element drogeChemikalie to PharmaceuticArticleDE.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element normpackungsgroesse to PharmaceuticArticleDE.mkoch-rowa
addStarted writing examples for posps interaction processes.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged data type of VAT elements to Decimal to allow VAT rates with fractional amounts. Also clarified that the VAT rate is given in percent in the documentation.mkoch-rowa
updateFixed element name readyForSaleResponse (was ReadyForSaleResponse).mkoch-rowa
updateExtended Pickup:setPickupCode to support different types of codes and authentication.mkoch-rowa
addStarted creating examples section on the web site which illustrate the interactions between posps server and client.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged XMl namespace prefixes. For port types, the prefix name is now equal to the port type name, which reads nicer. This is only a cosmetic change and does not change the definition.mkoch-rowa
addIntroduced XML Schema file posps-all.xsd. This file includes all other posps schemas, but doesn't define any new types. The new file makes it easy to validate an XML file against the schema. This change should make no difference to the code generated from the specification.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element swiftIban to BankIBAN.mkoch-rowa
updateUpdated many operation return type names for improved consistency and better compliance with the "wrapped" document/literal convention.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged definition of results of searchArticle, searchPerson and getNextSearchResults. The new definition makes it explicit that a SearchResultId must be returned by search..., but must not be returned by getNextSearchResults.mkoch-rowa
addAdded a new port "Posps" which clients can used to query meta-information about the server.mkoch-rowa
addCreated type PospsProfile, which names a subset of posps functionality which is covered by a server.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded ArticleSearchContext parameter to Search.searchArticle and element priceContextSpecific to article search result. This can be used to include sale-specific informations in the search results, e. g. customer-specific rebates.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved spuriously added PosId parameter from operation Pickup.setPickupCode.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged names of many operations to make names unique even across ports, and to improve consistency. Some operation names were the same for different ports, e. g. "addPerson" for ports "Sale" and "Pickup". Since this makes sourde code generation harder or even impossible with some tools, the names of these methods have been changed to make them unique. For this, a new naming convention has been adopted which states that the name of the port must appear somewhere in name of any of its operation, usually as or after the verb at the beginning of the operation name (if it starts with a verb). The names of affected operations have been updated accordingly.mkoch-rowa
updateChanged XML Schema types nonNegativeInteger and positiveInteger to unsignedLong. This improves the code generated by .Net wsdl.exe.mkoch-rowa
addAdded multi-client capability: a posId (optionally) identifies the client. UnknownIdFault was added to the operations which now take a posId.mkoch-rowa
addAdded element "note" with types Note and Interaction to the sale data model. This makes it possible for the server to send information to the client which gives the operator (pharmacist) informations and possibly warnings about the combination of positions in the current sale and the customer record.mkoch-rowa
updateAdded an empty out parameter and UnknownIdFault to the Search.discardSearch operation to make it similar to the other operation definitions.mkoch-rowa
addSpecified receipt printing: a simple markup format is used for print documents.mkoch-rowa
addAdded support for German rebate agreements for articles: it is now possible to search for articles for which a rebate agreement exists with a given health insurance, and the pharmaceutic article info for Germany contains information on rebate agreements.mkoch-rowa
updateconfirmPayment/cancelPayment documentation clarification.mkoch-rowa
updateadded capitalization of elements zuzfrei31SgbTsr and zuzfrei31SgbFeb to follow naming conventions.mkoch-rowa
updatecode attribute of IDs is now set to a minimum length of 1 and to collapse whitespace.mkoch-rowa

Release 0.2 - 2007-03-28

updateRemoved all global elements which are not used as WSDL in or out parameters and converted all element references to local elements. This greatly simplifies generating XML documents which adhere to the schema, since there is no need to use namespace prefixes except for top-level elements.mkoch-rowa
updateRemoved the global direction attribute and replaced it by a Direction type and local attributes.mkoch-rowa
addAdded search condition to search articles by articleId.mkoch-rowa

Release 0.1 - 2007-01-24

Keine Änderungen für dieses Release.