About posps specification

This module contains the wsdl and xsd files which define the posps web service. It also contains introductory and reference documentation of the interface. This module is of interest for everyone interested in implementing the specification.


The current specification version 1.2.0 is feature-complete and supports sales with or without prescriptions as well as pickups for German pharmacies. It is implemented by the Rowa visavia and at some pharmacy IT system.

There should be no future changes which cause incompatibilities. Support for other countries will be added later; due to the extensibility of the interface definition, this does not mean that existing implementations will have to be modified. Minor changes like improvement and refinement of the specification documentation, clarifications and bugfixed might also be released from time to time. These changes will be discussed on the posps-info mailing list. You can find the list of changes in the changelog or the version control report.