posps project development

This page gives a summary of the information relevant to developers planning to implement the posps web service, either as a pharmacist IT system server or as a client point of sale.


The posps specification is initially developed by Rowa. After positive feedback from pharmacy IT system vendors regarding the specification, we have now opted to continue the development of the posps specification and related tools as an open source project. This should make the development process more transparent and ease the communication between the project participants.


The posps project currently consists of three modules:

  • The specification contains the wsdl and xsd files which define the posps web service. It also contains introductory and reference documentation of the interface. This module is of interest for everyone planning to implement the specification.
  • test is a compliance testing tool for posps server implementations. It lets the server developers verify that their implementation follows the specification, and gives client developers information about which interface features are supported by a given server.
  • server is a reference implementation of a posps server. It can be used by client developers as a server for tests and for installations where there is no other posps server. Server developers can compare the behaviour of the reference server to their implementation.
  • client is a simple test and demonstration client. It demonstrates the features available with the posps interface and can be used as an interactive debugging tool for developers and service personnel.


Mailing lists are the main communication platform for posps development. They have the advantage that everyone can keep informed of the ongoing discussions about popsps development. The mailing list archive makes it possible to look up answers to questions which have been answered before.

While the primary language of the posps project is English, mailing list posts in other languages are also welcome (though not neccessarily understood by all readers). Languages understood by the current developers are English and German.

Everyone interested in the project should subscribe to the posps-info to keep informed on the latest updates. This list is also for the discussion of all aspects regarding the development and implementation of the posps specification and tools.

See here for all available mailing lists and archive information.


The list of developers working on the project is here.


The project page is here.