The posps web service defines an interface between a point of sale (POS) and the pharmacy IT system (PS) backend, with the PS as server. The aim of the web service is to reuse the business logic and data storage which already exist in the pharmacy IT systems for new kinds of POSs. A POS which is newly integrated into the pharmacy can thus present the full functionality and knowledge of the already installed pharmacy system for the pharmacist. There is no need to redundantly store and update data across systems and no danger of miscalculations due to different business rules implemented in the systems.

The interface includes the following functions:

  • Sale of articles
  • Customer pickup of pre-commissioned orders
  • Inquiry in the article database of the PS
  • Inquiry in the client database of the PS
  • Dispensing of articles from the pharmacy robot via the PS

See the overview for a detailed introduction. Pharmacy IT system developers will want to read the Development page next.

For questions not answered on this website you can post to the posps-info or contact Frank Klimach.


The visavia is the 24/7 Service System for the pharmacy made by Rowa.

visavia terminal

To fully integrate the visavia into the pharmacy, it needs to interface with its IT system just like the conventional points of sale do. None of the existing interfaces (to the pharmacy robot or web shops) fit all aspects of the interaction between the visavia and a PS. Therefore, Rowa has proposed the posps web service as the standard for an interface between a POS such as the visavia and the pharmacy IT systems.